Sewer System Cleaning and Maintenance

The sewer system is one of the many systems that we take for granted in our modern life but is also one that can cause all sorts of problems when not attended to. In modern sewage systems, the pipes run underground, collecting sewage from each house and business to be treated at a treatment plant. This usually goes well, until there is a backup or an overload of such a system, then everything can grind to a halt while the system is cleaned and maintained. Backups and overloads of the sewer system are most often caused by too much rain or snowmelt that overloads the pipes and the treatment facilities.

There are several different kinds of sewer systems: conventional gravity sewers, force mains, effluent, simplified, and vacuum sewer systems. All require maintenance from time to time to make sure they are running efficiently and safely. Most maintenance of sewers require excavating the pipes and replacing them, which is a rather costly and time-consuming operation. This maintenance is because all sewer systems degrade over time. Another, rather ingenuities and trenchless way of getting new pipe into the ground is by pipe bursting, which requires the new pipe to be pulled through the old one with a hydraulic power pack, destroying the old pipe in the process.

There are many sewer cleaning services in the United States from a sewer cleaning chicago il pro, to San Francisco, CA. Most are in nearly every town, or just a few towns over, following the population distribution. Sewer cleaning is almost always needed with sewer systems, because of pipes becoming overloaded, or things getting into the pipes that shouldn’t be there.

Sometimes it is best to help the sewer system out by having routine maintenance done every so often to make sure your drains don’t get too clogged and end up costing a small fortune to fix. One of the modern maintenance tools is hydro-jet cleaning your sewer drains. This forces water through the pipes in order to clean out any trapped debris, hair, or anything else that may clock up the pipe and make it unusable. The maintenance person has to inspect the pipes first to make sure that they are in good condition before using the hydro-jet cleaning equipment, or they could cause further damage to already worn-out pipes that need to be replaced.

Other sewer cleaning services are drain cabling, underground line detection, video sewer inspection, and root removal. The last one, root removal, requires very skillful plumbers in order to execute. To do this, they remove roots while leaving the sewage pipes intact, which is a very careful process that needs professionals to handle in order to minimize losses to pipe and property.

Sewer systems, with good maintenance and proper use, can last about a generation (15-40 years). This large time gap is caused by several factors, such as how often your sewage system is pumped, and also how often it is serviced. Being serviced often is the key to a long life for your sewer system.