How to Overcome DUI Hurdles in Flagstaff AZ

Many are the times when the traffic police arrest people who are found driving under the influence of alcohol. In Flagstaff AZ and other states, it is a crime to drive while intoxicated. This is because there is a high chance for a drunk driver to cause an accident. It is scientifically proved that your reasoning capacity is usually impaired to a certain percentage while intoxicated. Hence, affecting one’s ability to make sound judgments.
One of the key determinant of whether a drunk driver should be charged or not is the blood-alcohol content (BAC). You automatically become guilty of DUI If your breath or blood test exceeds the set blood-alcohol content limit of 0.08. The traffic police usually hold random checks on the suspicious road checkpoints, especially during holidays or weekends. This ensures the roads are safe thus minimizing many accidents. Thus, if you get charged with such criminal offenses, you should seek services from a dui attorney flagstaff az.

What Everybody Need to Know about DUI and DUI attorney in Flagstaff AZ
Driving under the influence (DUI) is a severe offense in Flagstaff AZ. Many culprits of this offense find themselves in a dire situation. One should understand that the more you are caught under DUI, the more it affects your life. Some of the repercussions of driving while drunk is as follows.

Suspension of Driving License
So long as a state can give you a driving privilege, the same state can take a privilege away from you. The law in many states allows the police to immediately confiscate and suspend a driver’s license on the spot if he or she fails the BAC test. This denies you your freedom to drive a vehicle unless, by any luck, your case is settled in a court of law.

Hefty Fines
Once a driver is arrested for driving under the influence, the law allows the law enforcers or the court to fine you. This could affect one seriously since not everyone can afford such hefty penalties associated with such an offense. Generally, the entire process of getting through a DUI is extremely costly.

Once arrested for drunk driving, no doubt you are taken to court. At the court, the police will present their evidence of your excess blood-alcohol content. This will lead to an automatic conviction of the offense, and your lawyer may not help much in such a situation. The actual amount of time you spent in jail is dependent on your case or the jurisdiction.

Career Stagnation and Insurance Hiking
Having DUI offenses on your records attracts high insurance premiums because you become a risk factor. Some insurance companies may even drop you to seek insurance cover elsewhere. Moreover, DUI forms part of your criminal history which may affect your employability. Many employers shy away from employing individuals with DUI criminal history.
The bottom line is that a DUI case is costly. When arraigned in court, it is advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced DUI attorney. He understands better the laws applicable in your jurisdiction. The lawyer may help reduce your penalty or sentence, if not negotiating for a complete dismissal of your DUI case. However, the best remedy for DUI is to embrace the slogan that you should not drink and drive.